Alerts & Analytics
for Google Calendar

See with whom you meet,
when and how often.

What is Calendar Analytics?

Cotopia Calendar Analytics is a tool for product managers, sales people, support or customer success representatives. It’s for people, who are in constant contact with customers from different enterprises and are using Google Calendar to plan their talks over WebEx, Zoom or Google Hangouts.


Analyze your meetings

Have you wondered what calls you will have next week, when you have talked last time with particular customer or with whom you have not talked in last 90 days and better should, so the customer will not churn out? This tool is for you and your team.


How it works

Connect your Google Account to Cotopia and give it permission to read your Google Calendar data.

We will search for events which have participants from multiple companies (containing any email from domain which is different from your own domain) and contain a conference invitation.

We will show you different statistics for such events to see: when you or your team have next customer call, with which customers you have not talked in a while or your communication map.


Get a quick glance on how you have been talking with customers over the year. Are yours or your team calls evenly distributed?

Our definition of a "customer call":

A calendar event, in which one or more persons from your company participate in a session with one or more persons from another company.

Questions we can answer:

Show which customer meetings you will have in next two weeks.

Show communication heatmap for each customer, so you can compare how often you talk with whom.

Show who else from your team speaks with your contacts and when.

Show customers, with whom you or your team did not spoke in last 90 days and might churn out.

Configure custom Alerts for customers you want to talk regularly with.

Teamwork made easy with Cotopia

If you have your teammates connected in one team, you all get bigger value added, as you see who is talking with whom and you see customers which you don’t talk with, but your colleges talk to. You can use Cotopia on your own, but if your coworkers also connect, it unlocks potential.


We would like to hear your feedback

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